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An internship at JetBrains is an opportunity to become a fully fledged member of a product team, working on challenging issues alongside some of the best developers in their field. We are offering flexible full- and part-time paid intern positions in countries where our offices are located.
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    All our interns are involved with real projects, and just like the regular staff members, they will have a high level of autonomy and responsibility given to them in terms of the problems they will concentrate on solving. Our dedicated mentors make sure that interns always have guidance and support, helping them to become part of the team and experience what it’s like to work at JetBrains.

  • General conditions

    • 3-4 months full-time or 5-6 months part-time
    • Flexible working hours
    • A contract is signed for the duration of the internship
    • Candidates must have a work permit in their country of residence
Competitive admissions
  • We publish all available projects in this app - this usually happens in autumn and in spring. You can apply for up to 3 projects.

    Be sure to sign up in the app and fill out your profile - especially your university - so you can get access to the current open admissions for your country!

  • To become an intern, you will need to participate in a two-step contest. The first step is a test task specific to the project you chose. If you succeed with the task, you will move on to the second step – an interview with the project mentor. After that the mentor selects the finalists and their journey at JetBrains begins.


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