JetBrains Internships

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An internship is a paid full-time job at one of our offices under the supervision of a mentor.
  • Project idea

    The ability for students to choose tasks that they are genuinely interested in is an important aspect of JetBrains internships. We ask mentors to come up with projects that can be finalized during the internship, so that the interns would be able to see the results of their hard work at the end of the internship. We believe this is important both for JetBrains and the interns.

  • Types of internships

    Development, QA, Technical writing, Support, JetBrains Research, Design, Marketing, Legal.

    This is an open list, so we can always add something new.

Competitive admissions

  • This web application is our main instrument. It is used both by mentors (to create projects, review test tasks, schedule an interview) and students (to create a profile, choose projects and upload their answers).
  • Candidates choose projects that they are most interested in (up to 3). After a set deadline mentors check the answers to the test tasks and pick several candidates they would like to interview in person. After the interview phase is over, we send invitations to the winners.